The Daughters of Jacob Miller

Last week I posted photos of the sons of my great-grandfather Jacob Miller. Today, some photos of Jacob Miller’s daughters.

Jacob Miller (1843-1918) was born in Bierbach, Bavaria. He married Sophia Goelzer there, but Sophia and their first child died during childbirth.

Jacob immigrated to America in 1871 and settled a couple miles north of Chattanooga, Ohio. He married Margaretha Strabel (1859-1882) in 1877 and they had two sons, Johann Peter “Pete” (1878-1957) and Christian “Chris” (1880-1911).

Jacob Miller Family. Front: Carl, Jacob, John, Christena (Rueck), Clara, Caroline. Back: Mary, Peter, Jacob Jr, Christian, Maggie.

Jacob’s third marriage was to Christena Rueck (1858-1942) in 1882. Jacob and Christena had seven children: Maria “Mary” Regina (1884-1905), Jacob Jr (1885-1913), Catharine (1886-1895), John (1889-1964), “Caroline” Christine (1893-1988), “Carl” Frederick (1896-1973), and Clara (1899-1997).

Today, the four daughters of Jacob Miller:

Mary Miller (1884-1905), died from consumption, never married:

Maria Regina Miller (1884-1905). 1902 photo

Half-sisters Maggie (Rueck) Kallenberger (1875-1962) & Maria Regina Miller (1884-1905)

Catharine Miller (1886-1895), died of typhoid fever. Family members believe that she contracted the illness from drinking water from a well  that had gone bad on the farm. They even say it was a well on the west side of the farm. I have no photos of Catharine Miller.

Caroline Miller (1893-1988), married Howard Caffee:

Caroline (Miller) Caffee (1893-1988)

Caroline (Miller) & Howard Caffee

Howard and Caroline (Miller) Caffee

Clara Miller (1899-1997), married Johnny Reef:

Christene (Rueck) Miller & Clara Miller

Caroline & Clara Miller

Clara (Miller) Reef (1899-1997)

Johnny & Clara (Miller) Reef, Christine (Rueck) Miller.

Christena (Rueck) had a daughter before her marriage to Jacob Miller. Margaretha “Maggie” (Rueck) (1879-1962) was raised by Jacob and Christena with the other Miller children. Maggie married Michael Kallenberger.

Maggie (Rueck)  Kallenberger (1879-1962)

Mike and Maggie Rueck Miller Kallenberger.

Those are the children of Jacob Miller–5 sons and 4 daughters. And they left a legacy of many descendants.


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