My Genealogy Wish List

I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving Day with your families. We have so much to be thankful for.

We had a nice dinner with my mom, our son and his very soon-to-be bride. It was our first Thanksgiving without my dad and we miss him.

The Bennett Thanksgiving dinner will be tomorrow. They combine the Thanksgiving feast with Ohio State football and tomorrow’s game with Michigan is probably the biggest game of the season. Go Bucks!

According to the big stack of store ads that came with Wednesday’s newspaper, we have now moved to next phase of the holiday season–Black Friday Christmas shopping. This year several stores started their sales early, on Thanksgiving Day.

We went shopping on Black Friday twice, as Joe would say–the first and last time. There usually isn’t anything we want bad enough to fight the crowds and this year is no exception. We are staying home to work around the house and prepare for tomorrow’s family dinner.

But I have been thinking about my Christmas shopping. I have already started asking family members for gift ideas and wish lists.

I have my own ongoing wish list. This list isn’t a Christmas list and it doesn’t involve acquiring things. It centers around discovering certain facts about my family history. It is My Genealogy Wish List. The list really hasn’t changed much over the years and I don’t know if I will ever get all answers.

On My Genealogy Wish List I would like to discover:

  • When Isaac Huey died and where he is buried.
  • Who were Jackson and Mary Ann (Martin) Brewster’s parents.
  • Who were Nicholas Headington’s parents.
  • When did Louis Breuninger immigrate.
  • Why did Louis Breuninger move to Atlanta for a couple years right after the Civil War.
  • Who were Maria Sekel’s parents.
  • When did the Ruecks immigrate.

I could make the list longer, but these are the questions for which I would most like to find answers. I’ll keep plugging away and maybe someday the questions on My Genealogy Wish List will be answered.



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