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Black Creek & Liberty News, 1911

I have moved from 1910 and am now looking through the 1911 issues of The Celina Democrat, searching for news and information about Black Creek and Liberty Townships. Most of the news the paper printed was from the Celina area, but occasionally there is news from the northwest part of the county.

Tombstone Tuesday-Masonic Tombstone Art

Masonic symbols are usually easily identified on tombstones. The Masons, also known as Freemasons or Free and Accepted Masons, is a fraternal society that originated in the Middle Ages from stonemason and cathedral builder guilds.

1911 Postcard to J.S. Egger

How interesting that a postcard sent over a century ago, to a state over 700 miles away, eventually ends up within a few miles of its origin. This 1911 postcard is addressed to J.S. Egger in Hornick, Iowa. Egger is a surname that was familiar in the Chatt area at one time.