Tombstone Tuesday-Hand Pointing Up Symbol

A very common tombstone symbol is a hand pointing upward, pointing toward heaven.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Ohio, 1865 hand pointing up, Johan Hoffmann.

The hand pointing up symbol is carved on tombstones in just about every older cemetery and symbolizes that the soul has gone to heaven. It represents the confirmation of life after death and the reward of the righteous.  

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Chattanooga, Ohio, 1882 hand pointing up, Margaretha (Strabel) Miller.

Greenbrier Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio, 1854 hand pointing up, Nathaniel B Wolfe.

Greenbrier Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio, 1870 hand pointing up, John J Wolfe.

Sometimes the hand is holding a book, which symbolizes the embodiment of faith.

Hileman/Smith/Hartzog/Alspaugh Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio, 1874 hand pointing up, Christian Hartzog.

It is interesting to note that a right hand is carved on each of these tombstones.

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