Tombstone Tuesday–Anna Rosine Schumm

Anna "Rosine" (Schinnerer) Schumm, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Ohio.

This is the tombstone of Anna Rosine “Rosina” Schumm, first wife of Heinrich “Henry” Schumm. The tombstone is located in Row 5 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Ohio. The inscription on the tombstone is: Hier ruhet in Gott Anna Rosine. Ehefrau von Heinrich Schumm, geboren den 13 April 1854, gestorben den 15 January 1890. Im alter von 35 Jahren, 8 Mon. u. 28 Tage.

When translated it reads, “Here rests in God Anna Rosine, wife of Heinrich Schumm, born 13 April 1854, died 15 January 1890. Age 35 years, 8 months and 28 days.“ The Bible verse on the tombstone is Psalm 4:4, In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent.

Anna “Rosina” was the daughter of Frederick Schinnerer and his first wife Margaretha “Mary” Deier. Anna “Rosina” married Henry Schumm, known as “River Henry”, on 20 October 1872 at Zion Lutheran Church, Schumm. They were both members of the Schumm parish. Henry lived in Van Wert County and “Rosina” was from Mercer County. (source: Records of Zion Lutheran Church, Schumm, Book I:74.)

“Rosina” and Henry Schumm had ten children: John Martin (1873-1954, m. Elizabeth Boroff), Clara Rosina (1875-1936, m. Ernest Dietrich), Magdalena Wilhelmina “Minnie” (1877-?, m. Martin Hofmann), Hannah Barbara (1878-1937, m. George Merkle), Edward Ludwig (1880-1885), Gustavus Jacob (1881-?, m. Dorathea Bienz), William Jacob (1883-1967, m. Maria Sauer), Sarah Mathilda “Tillie” (1886-1971, m. Ernest Theodore Merkle), Joseph Heinrich (1888-?, m. Edith Wise), and Carl Friedrich (1890-1893).

According to the records at Zion Lutheran Church, Schumm, Rosina Schumm died at 7:00 in the evening of 15 January 1890 of a heart attack. She gave birth to their son Carl Friedrich that same day and she probably died during childbirth or shortly thereafter. Carl Friedrich was baptized at home the following day. Rosina was buried on 17 January 1890 in the parish cemetery. (source: Records of Zion Lutheran Church, Schumm, Book 3:59 & 236.)

Anna "Rosina" (Schinnerer) Schumm (1854-1890)

After Rosina’s death Henry Schumm married Anna Magdalena “Lena” Geisler on 27 January 1891. They had three children: Louis Fredrick, Herman Andrew, and Theodore Gottlieb.

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