Two More Photos of Grove School No.8

Today I have two more photos of students standing in front of Grove School No.8, Black Creek Township, Mercer County, Ohio. One photo was taken before 1930 and the other taken in 1930. A big thanks to Doug Roebuck for sharing these photos. And even better, he has identified most of the students in the 1930 photo.

Grove School No. 8 was located in Section 33, situated on the south side what is now State Route 707, a little west of Wabash Road. The school was taken town years ago.

The photo below was taken in 1930.

Grove School No.8, Black Creek Township, 1930.

The 1930 students, left to right, starting in the front. Front: Bonnie Roebuck

Bottom Row: Richard Tangeman, Norma Roebuck, Anna Bollenbacher, Eulah Gause, Doil Springer, Jack Springer, Junior Branstetter, Roma Miller, Billy E. Roebuck, and ? Kaylor.

Middle Row:  Garni Branstetter, Betty Kettering, Chester Gause, Edwin Counterman, Melvin Gehm, Edgar Schaadt, Lloyd Gause, LeRoy Counterman, and James F. Roebuck.

Top Row:  Iris (Roebuck) Putman, Delores Branstetter, Freda Bransteter, Pauline Detro, Irma Branstetter, Clara Kaylor, Guy Montgomery (Teacher), Lloyd Lenninger, and Chester Tangeman.

The next Grove School photo was taken before 1930.

Grove School No.8, Black Creek Township, before 1930.

Doug could name just a couple of the students.

Row 2: far right, (LeRoy?) Counterman; second from right end, Gause [?], third from right end, (Jim?) Roebuck.   

Below is the other photo of Grove School, taken about 1933. Thanks to Linda (Gehm) Duff who sent me this photo that includes her dad Melville.

Grove School, Black Creek Twp, Mercer County, Ohio, c1933.

Front row, second from left, Melville Gehm; fourth, Gause (?)

Again, a big thank you to Doug and Linda for sharing these great photos.

One final photo Grove School photo, probably taken about 1920:

Grove School, c1920.

Front Row: Gale Gause, Viola Topp, Creava Kettering, Wilma Branstetter, Ray Kettering, Delilah Schaadt.

Middle Row: Anna Gause, Hazel Branstetter, Thelma Branstetter, Lewis Gause, Dick Branstetter, Margaret Carr, Bill Topp.

Back Row: Glen Leininger, Louella Felver, teacher, Marie Topp, Arthur Leininger, Hulda Carr, Thelma Gause.

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