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Headington House Hotel x 3

Last week I wrote about the two local Headington House Hotels, one in Portland, Indiana, in the 1870s, the other in Celina, Ohio, in the mid-1900s. Surprise! As I continued my research I learned about yet another Headington House Hotel in Portland in the early 1900s.

The Two Headington House Hotels

Name something Portland, Indiana, and Celina, Ohio, have in common.
Actually, the towns probably have several things in common, but I am thinking of one specific thing that relates to my family history.

Tombstone Tuesday-Two Local War of 1812 Grave Markers

There are a few War of 1812 cemetery markers in this area and below are two that I know of.

Nimrod Headington, After the Gold Rush

Last week’s blog post was the final installment of Nimrod Headington’s 1852 journal, Trip to California. Nimrod was a young man in his mid-twenties when he returned from California.  What did Nimrod do after he returned from his gold rush adventure in 1853? What did he do the rest of his life?

Nimrod Headington Journal, 1852, part 22

This is the final installment of the transcriptions of Nimrod Headington’s 1852 journal, Trip to California. Today’s blog post begins in early July 1853. After panning for gold for nearly a year, Nimrod is ready to head back to Ohio. Nimrod’s story continues: