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Goldsby Alaska Bennett, Black Creek Teacher in 1900

I really enjoy finding surprises in the local censuses. Last week I was reading through the 1900 census for Black Creek Township, Mercer County, Ohio, mainly looking at the occupations, when the name of a schoolteacher caught my eye, Goldsby A. Bennett.

Black Creek Schools in 1853

I had intended to move on from the old Black Creek Township schools but I stumbled across some additional information while working on another project. I work on several research projects at any given time, which is sort of like reading several books at a time.

Black Creek Township’s Old Schools

A couple weeks back I posted a photo of Grove School, Black Creek’s School no. 8. The other day, while looking through the 1978 Mercer County History, edited by Joyce Alig, I ran across an article about all nine schools that were in Black Creek Township years ago. The article was written by the late Florence Gause, a local genealogist who lived in Black Creek Township. Additional information about School no. 3 was written by Edith Adams.