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1920–Devastating Hurricane Visits Willshire Vicinity

DEVASTATING HURRICANE VISITS WILLSHIRE VICINITY—That was the headline of the Friday, April 2, 1920 edition of The Willshire Herald. It was published less than a week after one of worst tornadoes swept through this part of the country. Why do I have an interest in tornadoes? A while back my mom gave me some old …

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House Demolished Near River Henry Residence

One of my distant Schumm cousins sent me this interesting photo of a house a couple miles east of Willshire that was nearly demolished about 100 years ago. The home was near River Henry Schumm’s home on route 81 near the St. Marys River. River Henry was Carol’s great-grandfather, the father of her grandfather Herman …

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This & That During The Summer of 2012

This busy summer is quickly coming to an end. As usual, I didn’t get everything accomplished that I had planned. I wasn’t able to research as much as I had hoped and I still haven’t started my 1812 application. But I did collect, digitize and organize a lot of old family photos. I attended a …

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