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This & That During The Summer of 2012

This busy summer is quickly coming to an end. As usual, I didn’t get everything accomplished that I had planned. I wasn’t able to research as much as I had hoped and I still haven’t started my 1812 application. But I did collect, digitize and organize a lot of old family photos. I attended a …

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Happy Anniversary to Karen’s Chatt!

This is the one year anniversary of Karen’s Chatt. It is hard to believe that one whole year had passed since Jeff created this website for me. I have read that the average life of a website is 100 days. I think we have done pretty well considering this is primarily a family-specific website. Below …

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This week, some updates of past blogs. Re:  Bluetooth Blues, 1 February blog. In the world of technology there is nothing more frustrating than a renegade mobile device. Bluetooth has now ceased communications with my Droid entirely. A few weeks ago I dialed a phone number on my Droid but no sound came from the …

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