Tombstone Tuesday-Christian Whiteman

In honor of Independence Day, which we celebrate this weekend, today’s blog post features my Revolutionary War ancestor, Christian Whiteman.

Christian, my fifth great-grandfather, fought for American independence during the Revolutionary War. He was a private in the Berks County, 6th Battalion, Pennsylvania Militia during the Revolution and is the ancestor that I proved for membership in The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

Christian Whiteman, Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen)

Christian Whiteman’s marker is located in Section 14 of Reber Hill Cemetery, Walnut Township, Pickaway County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

MAR 16, 1762   Dec 23, 1827

We took a research trip to Reber Hill Cemetery in 2002, located at 16810 Winchester Road, Ashville, Oho. The caretaker at Reber Hill Cemetery has a file that contains many burial cards and according to Christian’s card, Christian Whiteman’s remains were moved to Reber Hill Cemetery on 14 September 1894. The caretaker noted that remains from several small local cemeteries were moved to Reber Hill. 

Whiteman Section 14, Reber Hill Cemetery. (2002 photo by Karen)

It is unknown where Christian was first buried. Perhaps he was first buried on one of the Whiteman properties in Pickaway or Fairfield County.

Christian Whiteman was born 16 March 1762 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the son of Johann Weidman/Whiteman and Anna Barbara.

Christian married twice during his lifetime and both marriages took place in Pennsylvania. His first marriage was to Catherine Greiner (1758-1796). Christian and his first wife had two children, Jacob (1795-1859) and Sarah (1796-1880). Jacob, Jacob’s wife, and their son Henry are also buried in the same Section of Reber Hill Cemetery.

Christian’s son Jacob, Jacob’s wife and son are also buried in Section 14. (2002 photo by Karen)

Christian’s first wife died about 1796 and he married Hannah Huey in about 1798. Hannah (1773-1850) was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Huey.

In 1798-99 Christian Whiteman and his family resided in Georges Township, Fayette County, western Pennsylvania, where Christian paid taxes. [1] Christian and his family were enumerated in the U.S. census in 1800 in Georges Township. In the household were 2 males 0-10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 1 female 0-10, and 1 female 26-45. [2]

Christian and his family moved to Ohio a few years later. Between 1804-1805 Christian purchased over 300 acres of land in Fairfield County, Ohio. [3] Christian was among the taxpayers in Amanda Township in 1806. [4] This was not a residence tax and does not prove that Christian was actually living in Fairfield County in 1806.

But in 1810 Christian was a Resident Taxpayer in Fairfield County and that indicates he was living there. He owned 315 acres of land in Section 30, Township 13 [Amanda Township] and paid a Resident Tax of $3.15. [5]

Christian Whiteman died in Amanda Township, Fairfield County, on 23 December 1827. He was buried on or near one of the family farms but was moved to Reber Hill Cemetery about 60 years later.

Reber Hill Cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio. (2002 photo by Karen.)

Christian did not leave a will. He didn’t have to. Instead of writing a will, he left some interesting land deeds, where he divided his land among his children before he died. Those maintenance deeds in both Pickaway and Fairfield Counties contain a lot of family information and is of great genealogical interest.

Christian’s widow Hannah (Huey) Whiteman died 26 November 1850 is buried in Cheshire Cemetery, Delaware County, Ohio.

Christian and Hannah (Huey) Whiteman had seven children:
James E. (1799-1873), married Mary North
Elizabeth (1800-1854), married Jacob Ekelberry
John (1803-?) married Sarah Smith
Mary (c1805-1855), married Isaac Huey
Christian (c1806-1845), married Mary/Polly Neigh
Henry (1809-1864), married Sarah Wilson
Anna (1811-1838), never married

I descend from Christian Whiteman’s daughter Mary, who married Isaac Huey. Mary and Isaac, along with some other members of Christian’s family, moved to Jay County, Indiana, a few years after Christian’s death. Christian and some of his descendants left some very interesting legal documents that give priceless genealogical information.

[1] Fayette County, Pennsylvania Taxpayers, 1785-1799, T.L.C. Genealogy (Miami Beach, Florida, 1991), 167.

[2] 1800 U.S. Census, Georges, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, p. 554, line 5, Christian Whiteman; digital image by subscription, ( : accessed 29 June 2014).

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[5] Resident Duplicate for Fairfield County, Ohio, 1910, microfilm #GR2343, p. 1, Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio.


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    • Debra Reichard on June 30, 2020 at 9:03 am
    • Reply

    So cool Karen! Thanks for sharing. I loved the day we did our cemetery trips for the Crawfords. I am now working on Levi Carmack. There is not a lot of information on Levi but lots regarding the rest of the Carmack family. Researching more of the Branstetter and White sides of the family as well. These hot days are keeping me in the house more with time to do it.

    Take care,

    1. Thanks! You are certainly doing your part to research and preserve your family’s history. Do let me know when you receive news about your DAR application. I agree, this hot weather is good for some on-line research. Enjoy researching your other family lines. Thanks for writing!

    • Marsha Begnoche Kasch on July 27, 2020 at 11:32 am
    • Reply

    Christian Whiteman is my ancestor As well. He is my great great great grandfather. Thank you for all of your research.

    1. Great to hear from another Christian Whiteman descendant! Thanks for writing.

    • Marsha Begnoche Kasch on July 27, 2020 at 6:55 pm
    • Reply

    Karen, do you know where J. Isaac Huey is buried?

    1. I wish I did! I am do not know when he died. Sometime after 1870. Isaac, his second wife Mary, and Lyman Bonham (age 6) were residing in Wayne Township, Jay County, in 1870. I don’t know what happened to him after that. He is one of my brick walls! Do you have any information about him after 1870? Thanks for writing.

    • Vickie on December 16, 2022 at 4:49 pm
    • Reply

    I’m descended from Christian’s son Henry. My line from there is James Wilson Whiteman, Joseph Henry Whiteman, Kelro Whiteman, Mary Sue (Whiteman) Smith, Victoria Sue (Smith) Samples
    I’ve been interested in the history of the Northwest Territories and Kentucky since age 11. My grandmother, Lowell Elizabeth Whicker was a member of the DAR and helped others to become members. She could remember 5 generations back from herself and my grandmother. That’s where I got my love for genealogy fun. Every time I look at it I’m get excited. I’ve been on family tree and looking at their information. My cousin Tom Whiteman has been researching the Whiteman line extensively. He’s back to Europe but I’d have to look at his emails to get the information. I found your blog by searching for Christian online. I’ve always wondered when my people came into the territory.

    1. Thank you for writing. I have also been in contact with Tom and he has some incredible research and information. The Whitemans are very interesting and challenging to research. The Whitemans were in Pennsylvania in the late 1700s and Christian moved to Ohio about 1805, acquiring land in Amanda and Clearcreek Townships, Fairfield County. I have visited his burial plot Pickaway County, Ohio. We should compare notes sometime. Thanks for writing!

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