Tombstone Tuesday-Lamb Symbol

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Now, for today’s Tombstone Tuesday, the lamb symbol on a tombstone.    

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio, 1913 lamb, Florence Marie Schumm, 2 mo.

A lamb carved on a tombstone usually marks the grave of a young child.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio, 1873 lamb, Heinrich Hoffmann, 8 mo.

A lamb symbolizes purity, innocence, and youth.  

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio, 1872 lamb, Frederick W Brandt, 26 d.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio, 1872 lamb, Anna M Wick, 2 y.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio, 1892 lamb, Friedrich Stegmeier, 2 yr.

This symbol was often used in the late 1800s, usually carved on marble tombstones. Marble markers are subject to weathering and acid rain. As a result, after many years in the elements, the figures and inscriptions on marble markers are often worn and hard to read. Even so, you can usually determine if the carving is a lamb. So, when the inscription is illegible or most of the tombstone is destroyed, if you see a lamb on the marker you can usually figure that a child is buried there. This can be helpful if you are looking for a child’s grave near the parents’ tombstone on in a family plot.

Kessler (aka Liberty) Cemetery, Mercer County, Ohio, lamb on double marker, illegible.

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