Tombstone Tuesday-Book Symbol

A book symbol on a tombstone usually represents the Holy Bible or the Book of Life.

Holy Bible inscription.

Holy Bible inscription.

Modern Holy Bible inscription.

Most often the words Holy Bible are not inscribed on the book, although any book on a tombstone may be considered a Bible.

An open book may indicate the Book of Life and everlasting life for those whose names are written in it.  

Open book.

Open book.

A closed book may indicate that life has ended. Life is completed.

Closed book.

Closed book with flower.

A book symbol may symbolize the deceased’s faith or prayer.

Finger pointing or holding book.

The whole cemetery monument may be a Bible.

Bible tombstone monument.

A book symbol may indicate the deceased was a scholar, writer, or publisher, but the symbol most often has a religious connotation.    

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