Tombstone Tuesday-Bird Symbol

A bird symbol on a tombstone, often depicted as a dove, symbolizes peace, resurrection, and innocence and is often used on a child’s tombstone.

Bird on zinc child’s tombstone.

A dove holding an olive branch symbolizes peace or that the soul has reached divine peace in heaven.

Flying bird with olive branch.

A flying bird symbolizes the winged soul, a tradition dating back to the early Egyptians. An ascending bird represents the transport of the departed’s soul to heaven. A descending bird or dove represents a descent from heaven and the assurance of a safe passage.

Flying bird symbol.

Flying bird symbol on zinc tombstone.

Flying bird symbol.

Birds are sometimes used as part of an organization’s logo, as seen below for logos of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), the Knights of Columbus (Roman Catholic fraternal organization), and the 32nd degree Mason.

Bird included in GAR logo.

Dove included in Knights of Columbus logo.

Bird included in 32nd degree Mason logo.

A bird lying dead symbolizes a life that was cut short prematurely.

Dead bird symbol.

Dead bird symbol.

Lastly, a hummingbird incised on a tombstone.

Hummingbird symbol on tombstone.

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