Tombstone Tuesday-Anna M. (Roehm) Schumm

Anna M (Roehm) Schumm, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio. (2012 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of Anna M. (Roehm) Schumm, located in row 7 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Van Wert County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

Anna M.
Ehefrau von
H.G. Schumm
24 Mai 1857
23 Sept 1901

Anna M., wife of H.G. Schumm, born 24 May 1857, died 23 September 1901.

Anna M. Roehm was born 24 May 1857 in Tully Township, Van Wert County, Ohio. [1] She was the daughter of Andreas and Catharine (Bienz) Roehm. Her baptism is not recorded in Zion Lutheran Schumm’s records and the family likely attended a different local church.

The Andrew Roehm family in 1860: Andrew Roehm, 45, Wuerttemberg; Mary, 18; John, 16; Elizabeth, 14; Jacob, 13; Christian, 11; Henry, 9; Emanuel, 7; and Anna, 3. [2] The wife and mother Catharine (Bienz) Roehm had died in 1858.

The Andrew Roehm family in 1870: Andrew Roehm, 56; Friedericke, 43; Jacob, 23; Henry, 19; Emanuel, 16; Anna, 13; Charles Reddig, 18; Mary Reddig, 16; John Reddig, 13; and Frederick Reddig, 11. [3] Widower Andrew Roehm had married widow Friedericke (Gutheil) Reddig in 1860.

Anna Roehm married Henry G. Schumm on 1 April 1879 at her parents’ home. Their marriage is recorded in Zion Schumm’s records and it appears Anna joined Zion Schumm after their marriage, where their five children were baptized. Henry G. was the son of George Martin and Maria (Pflueger) Schumm, both immigrants.

In 1880 Henry G. and Anna (Roehm) Schumm resided in Willshire Township but they had no children at the time the census was taken.  

The Henry G. Schumm family in 1900: Henry, 45; Anna M, 43; Amelia, 19; Annie W, 17; Henrietta, 15; Walter E, 11; Esther, 6; and Marie Schumm, 79, mother [Henry’s mother, Marie (Pflueger) Schumm]. [4]

Anna M. (Roehm) Schumm died of typhoid on 23 September 1901, at the age of 44 years, 3 months, and 20 days. She was buried on the 25th.  

Anna M (Roehm) Schumm, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert Co. (2012 photo by Karen)

1901 was a tragic year for the Henry G. Schumm family. Two of their daughters also died of typhoid in the following months, Anna Wilhelmine in October and Henrietta in November.

Henry and Anna had the following children:
Maria Amalia (1880-1946), married John Henry “Hugo” Schumm
Anna Wilhemina (1883-1901)
Henrietta Clara (1885-1901)
Walter Emanuel (1888-1967), married Erna Theresa Schumm
Esther Emilie (1893-1983), married Amos C. Schumm

Widower Henry G. “H.G.” Schumm (1854-1939) married widow Wilhelmina (Kroemer) Limecooley on 23 November 1904 in Allen County, Indiana. [5] There were no children born to them.

There was another Henry Schumm in the area, known as “River Henry” (1844-1922), who also had a family with young children during this same time period.

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    Thank you. Good work. Interesting that Typhoid claimed 2 daughters during this time (1901).
    Earlier in the the same part of Ohio (1898), The Highland family of Willshire, OH lost 1 daughter (Laura) and mother (Martha) to consumption. Laura was surely a musician based on her headstone inscription. Sad times.

    Anthony S.

    1. Yes, there have been various fatal diseases over the centuries and that continues to be the case. A contagious disease could ravage a family and back then they probably didn’t know what really caused the disease or how to prevent its spread. It is sad when it affects a family to such a great extent. Thanks for writing!

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