Welcome 2013!

New-Year-Clip-Art-FreeWe have said good bye to 2012 and I can say that I am not sorry to see that year end. Last year certainly had its ups and downs. My dad passed away in April. Then we spent a good deal of the summer cleaning out a barn and a couple garages. My computer crashed last month. This was the first crash I ever had and thank goodness I had my data backed up. The year ended on a happy note with our son’s marriage and a very busy and fun holiday season with family.

Life happens and as a result I did not do a lot of family history research last year.

So here we are, in the first week of 2013. It is another new year with a blank calendar to fill; a new year with an opportunity to set new goals.

Last year I made a small number of genealogy goals and the small number worked well. How did I do with my list of goals for 2012?

  • Digitize old home movies. Failed! [I have not even started this project. This goal has been moved to the 2013 list.]
  • Keep my office organized. Relatively successful. [I succeeded most of the year, although I had a couple messy relapses from time to time.]
  • Write and journal regularly. Success! [I continue to write, mainly for this blog.]
  • Collect old family stories. Relatively successful. [I have collected a few family stories and need to keep listening and writing them down.]
  • Photograph all the tombstones in Zion Lutheran Cemetery at Schumm. Completed! [I photographed them in April 2012.]
  • Journal regularly in the “52 Weeks of Sharing Memories”. Failed!

I accomplished about 66% of my goals. Not too bad.

Not on last year’s goal list, but something that I have wanted to do for some time, was join the National Society United States Daughters of 1812. My application was approved on 1 December and I received my acceptance letter yesterday. I was pleased that it was verified in 2012 and that I became a member in their 200th anniversary year.

Here are my goals for 2013:

  • Digitize those old home movies–before they deteriorate. [I actually need help with this project since I don’t know how to run the old movie projector. Joe???]
  • Complete and submit my BCG renewal application. [This is a must do, due by November.]
  • Scan and digitize the old records of Zion, Chatt. [I have a hard copy of them but I would like to make a digital copy as well.]
  • Clean up my Roots Magic files. [I merged several family files into one large database and ended up with quite a few duplicate names.]
  • Get a better photo program to better organize and label my photos. [Photo organization is a big problem for me. I need to do my research and select a good photo program.]
  • Better organize my room, documents and data.

Organization, organization, organization… As usual, several of my goals center around organization. Organization does seem to be one of the biggest challenges for me and for most genealogists. Keeping all the paper documents, photos and digital files organized is a constant chore.

Here I go. I have 361 days left to achieve these goals.

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