Tombstone Tuesday–Elisabeth Krieb

Elisabeth Krieb, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Van Wert County, Ohio. (2012 photo by Karen)

This is the tombstone of Elisabeth Krieb, located in row 5 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Van Wert County, Ohio. The marker is inscribed:

John 5:21

Krieb is a different spelling for this surname and is the spelling on her death certificate as well. In the church and local records the usual spelling is Grieb. Her brother and parents, who are also buried in Zion Schumm’s cemetery, have the Grieb spelling on their tombstones. It is not surprising that the various census records have several unusual spelling variations of the Grieb surname. In this post I will use both spellings, Grieb and Krieb, as used in the various records.  

Margarethe “Elisabeth” Krieb [spelled Grieb in Zion Schumm’s records and in her Van Wert County Probate birth record] was born in Willshire Township, Van Wert County, Ohio, on 14 December 1867, the daughter of Michael and Barbara (Geisler) Grieb. [1] She was baptized at Zion Schumm on 12 January 1868, with Michael Geisler and Margarethe VanWald serving as her sponsors. Her parents were both German immigrants. Elisabeth had a brother John, born in 1869.

The Michael Grieb family in census enumerations: 1870: Michael, 50; Barbara, 30; Elisabeth, 2; and John, 11 months. [2] 1880: Michael, 60; Barbara, 40; Margaret E, 13; and John E, 10. [3] 1900: Michael, 86, Maggie, wife, age unknown; Lizzie, 32; and John, 30. The couple had been married 32 years and she had given birth to 2 children, both of whom were living. [4] 

Elisabeth’s father Michael Grieb died 11 February 1903, at the age of 84.

In 1910 and 1920 widow Barbara Grieb lived with her two single children, John and Elisabeth, near Willshire. In 1910: John, 41; Barbara, 70; and Elisabeth, 22. [5] The Grieb household in 1920: John, 50; Barbara, 82; and Lizzie, 51. [6]

Barbara (Geisler) Grieb died on 14 March 1929. [7] She and her husband Michael are buried in row 8 of Zion Schumm’s cemetery. 

John and his sister Elizabeth remained in the family’s home after their mother’s death and were enumerated in the 1930 census: John, 58; and Elizabeth “Lizzie”, 61. John’s occupation was farmer. No occupation is given for his sister Elizabeth. [8]

Elisabeth Krieb died of breast cancer in Van Wert County on 28 April 1938, at the age of 70 years, 4 months, and 14 days, according to Zion Schumm’s records. Elisabeth never married and is shown as spinster on her death certificate. Her name is spelled Krieb on her death certificate. She was buried on the 30th. [9]

Her brother John Grieb died 12 May 1951. John is buried in row 3 of Zion’s cemetery.

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