Duckcreek Church Marriage Records, 1881-1891

Continuing on with the few Duckcreek Church [1] records that I have, the marriages that were recorded at the church from 1881-1891.

This marriage information includes the marriage date, the name of the groom and bride, and occasionally some additional information. The additional information, which I placed in parentheses ( ), includes where the person was from, where the person was born, and the groom’s occupation. I looked up a few things myself from other sources and placed that additional information in brackets [ ].

It appears that Rev. D.B. Rhinehart/Rinehart was Duckcreek’s minister during much of this time period.

Some couples obtained their marriage license in Van Wert County and others got their license in Adams County, Indiana.

Less information was recorded as time went on.

Duckcreek Marriages 1881-1891:

20 [22] Dec 1881            
James Banta (Willshire)
E—[Mary C. Exline] (Willshire) [2]

27 Apr 1882
L. [Leonidas] G. Brock (physician)
Hila B. Casto

10 Jan 1884       
Mr. James M. Johnson (Adams Co Ind; farmer)
Miss Ella May Hollinger (Adams Co Ind)

24 Apr 1884      
Samuel K Christy, M.D. (Decatur Ind; physician)
Mrs. Calinda J. Johnson (Willshire)

12 Nov 1885     
Charles E. Stall (Chicago Ill; b. Chicago Ill; restaurant)
Effie I. Pearce (Willshire; b. Willshire)

18 Nov 1885     
Daniel G. Barttson (Willshire; cabinet maker)
Ida C. Harper (Willshire; b. Willshire)

31 Jan 1886       
Henry Caffets (Mercer Co Oh; farmer)
Susan Lynch (Mercer Co Oh; b. Kentucky)

28 Mar 1886     
Melvil Davis (Bluffton Ind; b. Miami Co Oh; grocer)
Sarah J. Garrison (Bluffton Ind; b. Adams Co Ind)

17 Jun 1886      
Harrison M. Passwater (Willshire; b. Ohio; wagon maker)
Maggie Lynch (Willshire; b. Kentucky)

29 Sep 1886      
Charles J. Rollins (Ottawa Oh; b. Putnam Co Oh; carpenter/builder)
Leonore Patterson (Willshire; b. Decatur Ind)

19 Nov 1886     
James Melvin Roop (Willshire; b. Willshire; farmer)
Rosa Feasel (Willshire; b. Willshire)

7 Dec 1886        
James Q. Neptune (Decatur Ind; b. Adams Co Ind; dentist)
Clara Counterman (Willshire; b. Mercer Co Oh)

5 Jan 1887         
John H. Arnsworth (Willshire; laborer)
Lucinda Oakley (Willshire)                        

8 Feb 1887        
Samuel J. Vining (Mercer Co Oh; b. Darke Co Oh; teacher)
Adda Ellsworth (Mercer Co Oh;  b. Kossuth Oh)

6 Mar 1887       
Thomas M. Thorpe (Willshire; farmer)
Mary F. Allspaw (Willshire) [3]                                              

18 Jun 1887      
M. Elmer Johnson (Darke Co Oh; b. Darke Co Oh; farmer)
Miss Mary E. Springer (Black[creek] Twp Mercer Co)

25 Jun 1887      
Jesse Foster (Ind; retired farmer)
Sarah J. Detro (Willshire; b. Pennsylvania)

29 Oct 1887      
Jonah Tice (Willshire; RR worker) 
Susan J. Jackson

10 Nov 1887     
Albert M. Smith (Mercer Co Oh; farmer)
Millie Bellis (Mercer Co Oh; b. Allen Co Oh)

20 Nov 1887     
John E. Rinaker (Mercer Co Oh; b. Champaign Co Oh; farmer)
Mary C. Myers (Adams Co Ind; b. Adams Co Ind)

31 Dec 1887      
Wm. F. Detro (Mercer Co Oh; b. Darke Co Oh; farmer)
Anna Vining (Mercer Co Oh; b. Darke Co Oh)

5 Jan 1888 [Indiana License]
Andy D. Artman (Portland Ind; b. Ohio; farmer)
Mary E. Cottrill (Adams Co Ind; b. Allen Co Oh)

28 Feb 1889      
J.S. Fisher
Miss Ida C. Kuhn

5 [6] Mar 1889 [Ind license; marr by J.W. Hill]
Mr. [McClellan] Tague
Miss Martha Dobson

[11 Jul 1889]
Mr. [Charles J.] Gibson
Mrs. India Mills

21 Jul 1889        
Jacob Counterman
Miss Emma Snyder

[21 Dec] 1889 [Adams Co Ind license; marr by J.W. Hill] 
U.G. [Ulysses Grant] Denman
Miss Francis Neptune

Joseph Bowen
Miss Ina Denman

[12 Jun] 1890 [Adams Co Ind license; marr by A.J. Hill JP]             
Mr. [Otholie N.] Tindall
Miss Anna Wechter

[1] Duckcreek Church was established in 1858. A frame church was built about 1868 and was located a couple miles north of Chatt on State Route 49 in Mercer County, Ohio. The church was destroyed by a tornado in 1920 and was never rebuilt. Many of its members joined the Chattanooga Methodist Church after their church was destroyed.

[2] “Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-2016, Van Wert, Vol. 6, p.129, James D Banta & Mary C Exline, 22 Dec 1881;  ( : viewed 29 Jun 2021).

[3] There was no return for their license.


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