Another Postcard from Chattanooga, Ohio

Here is another vintage postcard from my small collection of Chattanooga, Ohio, postcards.

This postcard has a Dutch flair with a little girl in wooden shoes and Dutch hat, holding a lady bug. I think of Chatt as a German community. A Dutch community, not so much. It is postmarked from Geneva, 5 November 1913.

Chattanooga, Ohio, postcard, postmarked 1913.

It is a cute postcard, written with a Dutch accent if you read it out loud:

Chust pack you grip undt come to Chattanooga, Ohio, vere ve vill make tings pleasant.

This Chattanooga card is postmarked from Geneva, 5 November 1913.

I was not familiar with the word grip used as a noun, but I learned that the old-fashioned definition of grip is a small bag used for traveling. That makes sense.

I like to try to figure out who either the sender or receiver of these old cards was but I am not going to be able to do that with this postcard.

It is addressed to Mrs. C Howell, 832 N. Washington St., Marion, Indiana. It looks like it was from Ana, who wrote, Thurs. is Mildres (Mildred’s?] birthday. Please tell Mary. Ana

Short and to the point. A woman of few words.

It looks like she also wrote, but erased: Send card. Write.

It is a cute Chattanooga postcard and I am glad to have it in my collection.

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