Category: Tombstone Art

Tombstone Tuesday-Knights of Pythias Symbol

The Knights of Pythias was officially founded in Washington DC in 1864 by Justus Rathbone, founded as a secret fraternal society for government clerks.

Tombstone Tuesday-Knights of the Maccabees

In addition to the various symbols and artwork engraved on tombstones, fraternal organization symbols are also often seen on grave markers.

Tombstone Tuesday-Sphere

You may have seen a grave marker topped with sphere or ball. The 3-D circle represents eternity and the unending circle of life.

Tombstone Tuesday-I H S Symbol

You have probably seen the letters I H S in a church, usually seen on the altar, church windows, vestments, and even on tombstones. These three letters are called a Christogram,

Tombstone Tuesday-Rose Symbol

A rose signifies beauty, hope, or unfailing love.