A 1935 Schumm Postmark

I recently acquired an old envelope with an original Schumm, Ohio, postmark. I already had a copy of an envelope with a Schumm postmark, but not an original postmark. Until now.

George Weinman would have been the postmaster at Schumm when this letter was sent in 1935.

1935 envelope postmarked Schumm, Ohio.

This was probably sent by the George Merinar who lived in Blackcreek Township, Mercer County. He would have lived fairly close to Schumm.

A few years back I wrote a blog post, The Post Office at Schumm. There I wrote a brief history of the post office there and provided a list of its postmasters. To recap that post:

The post office at Schumm, Ohio, was open for 71 years. Between the years 1881-1953 the Schumm Post Office had 16 postmasters and it is no surprise that 5 of those 16 postmasters were named Schumm.

The Schumm Post Office was established in 1881 and Martin J. Schumm was appointed its first postmaster on 31 December 1881. Henry Schumm, George F. Schumm, and Henry M. Schumm were the next three postmasters, serving through 1903. [1]

The Schumm Post Office closed in January 1940 when postmaster George Weinman retired. Weinman had been the postmaster since November 1931. After its closure the mail was sent to Willshire.

However, the Schumm Post Office re-opened a few months later after local residents signed a petition to reopen it. Emanuel H. Schumm was appointed the new postmaster on 16 April 1940.

Emanuel Schumm served as postmaster for 13 years when the post office closed once again on 6 January 1953. This time the Schumm Post Office closed for good.

The mail was once again sent to Willshire.

The copy of the envelope below is postmarked 1938, Schumm’s Centennial year.

1938 Schumm postmark.

The list of Schumm postmasters and their appointment dates, 1881-1940 [1] :
Martin J. Schumm (31 December 1881)
Henry Schumm (29 April 1885)
George F. Schumm (30 June 1885)
Henry M. Schumm (4 August 1886)
Herbert I. Hileman (18 June 1904)
Wm O. Tickle (27 February 1905)
Elias F. Sheets (21 December 1905)
Logan Wolfe (29 March 1906)
Wm A Colter (23 September 1908)
Gustave J. Schumm (13 November 1912)
George Weinman (14 September 1916)
Mrs. Pearl A. Debolt (26 November 1928)
Matie M. Stevens (31 October 1929)
Mrs. Cleta A. Johns (1 December 1930)
George Weinman (23 November 1931)


[1] U.S., Appointments of U.S. Postmasters, 1832-1971, Vol 38, c1873-91, p. 478-9; and U.S., Appointments of US Postmasters, 1832-1971, Vol 79, c1891-1930, p. 575-77; digital images by subscription Ancestry.com, (www.ancestry.com : accessed 17 September 2014), from NARA microfilm publication M841, roll 101.

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