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Karen, Joe, Jeff, Sunda Peters, OGS President at 2011 Century Families Inductions

A couple of weeks ago we were in Columbus for the 50th Annual Ohio Genealogical Society Conference. Thursday evening Joe, Jeff and I attended the Century Families of Ohio banquet and afterward the three of us were inducted into the new lineage society. Century Families of Ohio (CFO) is the newest OGS lineage society and we are now charter members. You are eligible to join if you are an OGS member and can prove your direct descent from an ancestor that resided in Ohio between 1861 and 100 years ago, which was 1910 last year. Last year I submitted applications for all three of us and all of our ancestors were approved!

Ninety-three CFO applications were approved and the majority of those applicants were present at the induction ceremony. It was quite a crowd. Those 93 applicants proved 541 ancestors. Sixty-three ancestors were from Coshocton County, the most ancestors from one particular Ohio county. Twenty-five ancestors were from Mercer County and twenty-two were from Van Wert County. Margaret Cheney, CFO chair, presided at the induction ceremony.

I was actually able to claim more ancestors than I first thought I would have. Most of my grandparents are now in the CFO roster. Below is a list of our CFO ancestors. Following their name is the earliest date they were in Ohio, the county they were proved in and the information I used to prove they were in Ohio between 1861-1910:

Karen (8 ancestors proved):
Carl Friedrich Miller (1896/Mercer/birth)
Jacob Miller (1874/Mercer/naturalization)
Christina Rueck (1882/Van Wert/marriage to Jacob Miller)
Cornelius Ludwig Schumm (1896/Van Wert/birth)
Sarah Breuninger (1883/Van Wert/marriage to Louis Schumm)
Elizabeth Schinnerer (1870/Mercer/birth)
John Scaer (1864/Tuscarawas/birth)
Hilda Magdalena Scaer (1910/Van Wert/1910 census)

Joe (13 ancestors proved):
Vermont Henry Bennett (1886/Mercer/birth)
Lura V Monroe (1890/Mercer/birth)
Sarah Elizabeth Cain (1878/Mercer/marriage to James Francis Monroe)
David B Cain (1880/Mercer/1880 census)
Narcissa Manning (1880/Mercer/1880 census)
Edward Roesner (1893/Van Wert/birth)
Goldie Helen Lee (1905/Paulding/birth)
Dietrick Roesner (1880/Paulding/1880 census)
Christine Schoor (1862/Putnam/birth)
Hiram Lee (1890/Paulding/marriage to Arretha Green)
Arretha Green (1890/Paulding/marriage to Hiram Lee)
Stephen Lee (1900/Paulding/1900 census)
Phebe Howard (1900/Paulding/1900 census)

Jeff, 21 ancestors proved. He was of course credited with all of the above ancestors. Jeff had the most ancestors proved of all those inducted this year! I am CFO #16, Joe is #17, and Jeff is #18. We each received a nice medallion and a certificate.

I would have been able to prove Jacob and Regina (Gross) Rueck if I had found their Van Wert County land deed last year. They were in Van Wert in 1881.I plan to submit the necessary documents to prove them this year. If approved, they will be in next year’s roster.

If you notice, all the women are listed by their maiden name. A woman’s maiden name must be proved to be accepted into a lineage society. To prove Regina Rueck, nee Gross, I will use a copy of daughter Christina’s birth/baptism record from the Evangelical Church in Honhardt, Wuerttemberg. Translations are accepted for lineage applications, but the translation must be done by someone other than the applicant. Although I can read the record myself, I will have someone translate and transcribe the document for the application.

I am a member of all four OGS lineage societies: First Families of Ohio/FFO (ancestor resided in Ohio before 1821); Settlers and Builders of Ohio/SBO (ancestor resided in Ohio between 1821-1861), Society of Civil War Families of Ohio/SCWFO (ancestor served in the Civil War with an Ohio unit or resided in Ohio at one time); and Century Families of Ohio/CFO (1861-100 years from current year).

Except for SCWFO, an ancestor can only be in one OGS lineage society. Since SCWFO is a Civil War society the residency date doesn’t matter, just that the ancestor served in the Civil War and was in an Ohio unit or lived in Ohio. The other three societies are based on lineage and Ohio residency during a certain time period. The ancestor should be proved at the earliest date possible. Therefore, even though some of my other ancestors were in Ohio between 1821-1910, they were proved for SBO and were not eligible for CFO. A little confusing, but it makes sense if you think about it.

Although applying to a lineage society is a lot of work, it is a wonderful way to honor your ancestors and it is a very good way to have your research evaluated and critiqued by another person. As you complete the application you will quickly see what documents you still need to prove vital dates, relationships or residency. I plan to apply to more lineage societies in the future. I do enjoy lineage societies!

Century Families of Ohio medallion


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  1. Hi, I just found your website. It’s great!

    I have ancestors from Ohio too, Athens County to be exact. It looks like I would qualify for the First Families of Ohio.

    Thanks for the info.!

    1. Thanks! Many, many pioneers came through Ohio and you very well could qualify for First Families of Ohio. I think you would enjoy it. All the details are on the OGS website, http://www.ogs.org.

    • Susan Schwartz on March 21, 2015 at 8:25 pm
    • Reply

    I have been looking at the First Families of Ohio and found Samuel and John Bennett listed. Since they seem to be your husband’s ancestors, as they are mine, I was wondering if you had used them to qualify. The member numbers are consecutive for the two Samuel’s and two John’s in the database. I am wondering what proof you used to connect the two. Thanks!

    1. In 1803 John Bennett and his father Samuel signed a marriage license for Samuel’s daughter Phebe to marry Peter Belveal. Then I showed that John and Phebe were brother and sister, which also indicated that John was Samuel’s son. You can view the file with the documentation at the OGS Library or order and purchase copies from them.

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