Two Christina Miller Family Photos, c1920 & c1933

Here are two old Miller photos, photos of my great-grandmother Christina (Rueck) Miller with some of her descendants. Christina (1858-1945) is in both photos and perhaps these were taken at a family reunion or some time when part of the family had gathered together.

Unfortunately the photos were not labeled. Not even the date was written on them. Several of us in the family have worked to identify the individuals in the photos and these are who we believe they are, but we are still not certain. As always is the case, it is easier to identify the adults than the children.

The first photo was taken about 1919-20:

Christina (Rueck) Miller family, c1920


  1. Fern (Caffee) Stetler
  2. ? Vernon Caffee
  3. ? Eugene Caffee
  4. Ardella (Kallenberger) Hamrick (kneeling)
  5. ? (girl in front of Ardella)
  6. ? Clara (Reef) Miller (girl in paid dress)
  7.  ? Kathryn “Margaret” Miller (Peter’s daughter)
  8. ? John Kallenberger (standing )
  9.  ? Luella Miller (Peter’s daughter), in front of John Kallenberger

Adults standing in back:

  1. Mike & Maggie (Rueck) Kallenberger
  2. Howard & Caroline (Miller) Caffee
  3. Peter Miller
  4. Christina (Rueck) Miller
  5. Carl & Gertrude (Brewster) Miller (my grandparents)
  6. ? Della (Kuehm) Miller (wife of Peter) holding daughter Hilda Rose
  7. ? (photo is blurry)

The next photo was taken about 1933 and the people are numbered on the second copy.

Christine (Rueck) Miller family, c1933.

Individuals numbered, Christine (Rueck) Miller family, c1933.

Starting with the front row:

  1. LaVerne “Vernie” Miller
  2. Murlin Miller
  3. Herb Miller (my dad)
  4. Dale Caffee
  5. Emeline (Miller) Henkle
  6. Mary Miller (d/o John & Frona Dull Miller)
  7. Fern (Caffee) Stetler
  8. Ruth (Miller) Werner
  9. Raymond Miller (s/o John & Frona)
  10. Mike Kallenberger
  11. Robert Miller (s/o John & Frona)
  12. ? LaVerne Ruby Miller (d/o John & Frona)
  13. Howard Caffee
  14. Don Caffee
  15. Caroline (Miller) Caffee
  16. Eugene Caffee
  17. Clara (Miller) Reef
  18. Gertrude (Brewster) Miller (my grandmother)
  19. Kenneth Miller
  20. John Miller
  21. Frona (Dull) Miller
  22. Carl Miller
  23. Johnny Reef
  24. Catharine (Miller) Eichler
  25. Helen (Miller) Linn
  26. Maggie (Rueck) Kallenberger
  27. Ardella (Kallenberger) Hamrick
  28. Christine (Rueck) Miller
  29. John Kallenberger
  30. ? Beatrice Miller (d/o John & Frona)

It sure would have helped if the names would have been written on the back of the photos. Remember to label your photos!


    • Kenny on May 19, 2017 at 8:48 am
    • Reply

    I remember seeing that picture. That is probably the fall of 1933 as I was born in May of that year.
    There are only a few of us left but that was almost 84 years ago.

    1. I am estimating the years the photos were taken, trying to go by the ages of the youngest children. Too bad you don’t remember when it was taken! They were taken awhile ago and I am so glad they survived. I love these photos and hope everyone is identified correctly. Maybe someone will be able to confirm or correct.

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