1888 Duckcreek Church Member List

Continuing with the few Duckcreek Church records that I have, below is the Duckcreek Methodist Church member list from September 1888.

Duckcreek Church was established in 1858. They built a frame church in about 1868 and it was destroyed by a tornado in 1920. The church was located a couple miles north of Chatt on State Route 49, in Mercer County, Ohio.

Duckcreek Church was never rebuilt and many of its members joined the Chattanooga Methodist Church after their church was destroyed.

The Duckcreek Church Member List, September 1888, giving state in life [married, single, widowed] and name:

M           A. M. Roebuck
M           Mary Roebuck
S            James C. Roebuck
S            Charles D. Roebuck
S            John Davis
S            Sarah Davis
Wd        Anna Davis
M           Alex Counterman
M           A.C. Counterman
M           D/Dr [?] G. Bailey
M           Susan Bailey
S            Artie H. Bailey
M           Ann Koontz
M           Gotleib Marbaugh
M           Cardelia Marbaugh
M           Adda Vining
M           Robert M. Vining
M           Lucretia Vining
S            Jennie Vining
S            Haskell Vining
M           Anna Detro
M           Wm Erexson
M           Billy Ann Erexson
S            David M. Erexson
S            Wm A. Erexson
M           Alonzo Cross
M           Lucinda Cross
M           Moses Foreman
M           Mary Foreman
S            Clarke M. Foreman
S            Sadie Oakley
M           Abbey Harman
M           Mary E. Johnson
Wd        Mary Springer
S            Adda Springer
S            Hila G. Pifer
S            John E. Pifer
S            Mary E. Evans
M           Sylvester Tinkham
Wd        D. Tinkham
M           Wm Tinkham
M           Francis Tinkham
M           Minerva Tinkham
S            Libbie Tinkham
S            Rebecca Tinkham
M           James Johnson
M           Christena Johnson
S            Irene Johnson
Wd        Geo Fisher
S            Virgil Fisher
M           Manerva Dudgeon
M           Margaret Parr
M           Jacob Bevington
M           Rosanna Bevington
M           Saml T.S. Douglas
M           Phebe Douglas
M           Volara Sipes
Wd        Martin L. Sipes
M           Bell Sipes
M           James W. Jones
M           Nancy Jones
Wd        Henry Stacey
M           Sarah Frank

Next week, a few more Duckcreek Church records.







    • Douglas Roebuck on June 25, 2021 at 10:35 am
    • Reply

    Think there is a typo Karen:

    M Alonzo Dross
    M Lucinda Cross

    It should be Alonzo Cross.


    1. Got it! Thanks!

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