The Old Chattanooga Barber Shop Revisited

A couple years ago I wrote about Chatt’s old barber shop, a frame building that once stood north of the Fisher Hardware, between the homes of Luther & Gladys Fisher and Carl & Marcella Schroeder. [1]

Sometime around WWII the structure was moved into the woods on Schaadt Road, about ½ mile east of route 49. They re-purposed the building and it became the home of Ester Baker and her family.

I took a photo of the dilapidated building in 2013. Although the trees were not leafed out it is still very difficult to see through the underbrush and tree trunks.

Old Chattanooga Barbershop. (2013 photo by Karen)

Old Chatt barber shop. (2013 photo by Karen)

A few months ago a couple of my cousins shared a photo of the old barber shop during the time it was a residence for the Bakers. The photo was taken back in the early 1950s and their “house” was painted white at that time.

Chatt Barbershop, c1953. Photo submitted.

Chatt barber shop, c1953. Photo submitted.

My cousins lived across the road from the Bakers and played with Ester’s children Gloria and Red, shown below. The third child in the photo below may be my cousin.

Ester Baker & children, unknown date. Submitted photo.

Ester Baker & children, unknown date. Photo submitted.

Below is a more recent photo of the barber shop that became a home, taken a few years ago.

Old Chatt barbershop, converted into a home. Photo submitted.

Old Chatt barber shop, converted into a home. Photo submitted.

Old Chatt barbershop, converted into a home. Photo submitted.

Old Chatt barber shop, once used as a home. Photo submitted.

This would have been a very small home by modern standards and poorly insulated, if at all. But a family’s home nonetheless.


[1] “Shave and a Haircut…Tow Bits,” , Karen’s Chatt,  posted 12 April 2013.


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    The middle child surely looks like your cousin Ron.

    1. I agree. Either Ron or Jack.

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