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Schumm Family Enumerated Twice in 1920

As I was researching this week’s Tombstone Tuesday, Agnes Schumm (1888-1921), I noticed that Agnes’ father Henry M. Schumm was not enumerated with the family in Willshire Township in 1910 or in 1920. Henry did not die until 1941, so just where was he in 1910 and 1920?

Enumerated Twice in Mercer County in 1850

I use census records a lot and really like looking through the old census records on-line. While reading through the 1850 census of Black Creek Township, I noticed something very interesting. A family was enumerated twice in Mercer County, Ohio.

1940 Census Indexing Update

Thousands of volunteers for the 1940 US Census Community Project continue to index at a phenomenal rate. Overall, the indexing is 63% complete and reports that indexing is one month ahead of schedule. Over 75 million records have been indexed and 20 states are 100% indexed and searchable on States that are searchable …

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Bennett Family in the 1940 Census

This past week I continued to browse through the recently released 1940 census on This time I was looking for my husband’s side of the family. I found Joe’s mother Louise with her family right away. I knew they were probably living in Celina, Jefferson Township, Mercer County, Ohio, but I did not know …

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Browsing the 1940 Census

I’m sure everyone knows by now that the 1940 US census was released this past Monday, 2 April.  Many of us were eagerly awaiting that day but, as you probably also heard, things did not go as planned. There were over 22.5 million hits on the NARA website within three hours as people tried to …

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