2012 NGS Conference in Cincinnati–A Pictorial Wrap Up

Thanks to the planners, sponsors, volunteers and everyone else who made the 2012 NGS Conference in Cincinnati successful.

Exhibit Hall


Myrtle & Elissa

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Dwane & Miriam

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Genealogical Studies

1940 Census Indexing


BCG Booth

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

I attended 2 sessions Saturday morning before we left at noon:

  • “Research Reports for Ourselves” by Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA.
  • “Information Overload? Effective Project Planning, Research, Data Management & Analysis” by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FUGA, FNGS.

Yes, by Saturday I was on Information Overload! Both of the above lectures were excellent. I just need to put what I have learned to use in my research and report writing.

Before I left the conference I purchased a DNA kit from Family Tree DNA. My goal is to see if my paternal side descends from the Mayflower Brewsters. Either way, perhaps this will help us discover who Jackson Brewster’s parents were. The DNA sample needs to come from a male so I will be visiting one of my uncles soon. I’ll let you know how the test turns out.


    • Brian K Brewster on May 14, 2012 at 10:11 pm
    • Reply

    Karen it sounds as if you had a good time. The DNA kit sounds interesting and I would love to hear about some day. Good Luck!!!!!!! Hope we get a match.

    1. Brian, I’ll be sure to let everyone know if we descend from the Mayflower Brewsters! It is something I have always wanted to know.

  1. Great pictures of the conference, Karen. Wasn’t the Freedom Center a neat place to visit? I did the same two sessions on Saturday morning, and definitely agree that I was on Information Overload by then (or maybe that’s just my permanent state, LOL). It was great to see you again. Good luck with your DNA testing!

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