2012 NGS Conference in Cincinnati, Day 1

Indexing the 1940 Census at FamilySearch

The 2012 NGS Conference officially started this morning. Awards and recognitions were announced at the opening session. Here are some of the results:

Ohio Genealogy News (OGN) received first place for a society newsletter, Deb Cyprych & Jennifer Hershberger, editors. The Award of Honor was given to the Hamilton County Chapter OGS for their help to make this conference a success. Certificates of Appreciation were given to Kenny Burck, Deb Cyprych, Jean Nathan, Barb Gargiulo, Sandy St. Martin, Liz Stratton, Patricia Moseley Van Skaik and Jean Woll.

The Ohio Genealogical Society and the Hamilton County Chapter OGS were the local host societies. Thanks to their help and all their volunteers.

Patricia Van Skaik gave the opening presentation about The Cincinnati Panorama of 1848. She talked about the the daguerreotype and showed the details that can be seen with magnification. It is an amazing photograph.

After that the Exhibit Hall opened. We were very busy at the BCG booth that first hour. I walked around the Exhibit Hall at noon, made a few purchases and learned the following:

  • AncestorSync (www.ancestorsync.com) went live today, working in conjunction with Geni.com (www.geni.com). This program will enable you to synchronize your family tree across all your computers and a web pedigree. Only the web portion is available now but later this year they plan to have the availability to share information between individual home computers.
  • ResearchTies, a new on-line research log program, should be up and running this summer. This will store your research information in the cloud, sync with your computers and make it available wherever you are.  Cost will be about $25. (www.researchties.com)
  • FamilySearch announced six states that are completely indexed (1940 Census): Delaware, Colorado, Kansas, Oregon, Virginia and New Hampshire. You can now search these indexs for people in these states.
  • Tom Jones will speak at the British Institute in Salt Lake City, 8-12 October 2012.
  • Although Archives.com has joined with Ancestry.com each will continue to add new records to their websites. Memberships for each will remain the same. Archives also sponsored the opening session today.

Exhibit Hall 2012 NGS

I learned about researching my War of 1812 ancestor in a morning session by Craig Scott, CG. When I get back home I’ll start to work on my National Society United States Daughters of 1812 lineage application for Nicholas Headington.

I also became a 1940 Ambassador today. I applied and then wrote about the Census Community Project in last evening’s blog. I have been encouraging people to help index the 1940 Census and now I am an official ambassador. You can also become a 1940 Ambassador by signing up at https://the1940census.com/sign-up and writing a blog about indexing the 1940 Census.





  1. Thanks for the update from the NGS Conference!

    1. You are welcome! It is a great conference–so much to do and see.

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