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    • Brenda "Goodson" Keeton on April 23, 2014 at 7:41 pm
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    Anna Huey Glassford Goodson Smith is my great great grandmother and possiably Hannah Bryan’s sister, she is the Mother of my great Grandfather Andrew “Jackson” Goodson. I have been trying to find her grave and it’s been a journey. Wondering if you Knew of any of Hannahs siblings like is Anna’s full name Elizabeth Ann Huey? Any information you could help me find her which I think I did but I cant find any Proof that her name was Elizabeth Ann, I can only find information on Ann, any help with this matter would be wonderful and due my heart good ; – )

    1. Yes, I believe Anna Huey was a sister to Hannah (Huey) Bryan. My records show that Anna was born about 1828 in Pickaway County, Ohio, and that she died before 1908. I also show her three marriages, but I do not know where she is buried. I have only seen her name as Anna. She may have had a sister Elizabeth, born in Ohio in 1826, who married John W. “Jesse” Gray in 1847 in Jay County. Elizabeth (Huey) Gray died in Jay County in 1857 and is buried in Pingry Cemetery, but her tombstone indicates she was the daughter of J & E Huey. So I am not quite sure about her or who J & E Huey were. I think Elizabeth may have died from complications of childbirth since Rebecca J. Gray was born in 1857. They Hueys tend to be a complicated family. Let me look into this more and get back to you. I would love to share information with you. I have only the children’s names and approximate birth dates of Anna and Uriah’s children. No more information than that. I show that they had a Jack Goodson and I assume he is the Andrew Jackson you are referring to. I have no further information on him.

        • Brenda "Goodson" Keeton on May 15, 2014 at 8:26 pm
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        I’m still at it and can’t find where my great great grandma Anna Huey is buried, I had hoped she was Elizabeth Ann and your right about the Huey”s being complicated (smile) the Goodson’s too! Uriah can’t be found either, The last known record is 1870 in Illinois so I believe he’s some where in Quincy Illinois, since death and birth records weren’t kept till after his death I doubt I’ll ever find where he is, I have found out where all, but one of their children are they had Priscilla (Harter) of Hagerstown, Andrew Jackson of Modoc, Charles of Michigan and Christopher of Missouri, Henry Thomas Uriah Jay county and I can’t locate George ,but I’m thinking he may not be Uriah’s in 1870 census when Anna was married to Henry Glassord, George is listed as George Shaffer then in 1880 listed as Goodson and Anna too Confused (smile)

    • Brenda "Goodson" Keeton on April 23, 2014 at 7:44 pm
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    I believe she is buried at Brick Church Cemetery in Hagerstown a few rows and a section from Andrew Jackson Goodson

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