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Willshire High School Junior Class, 1941-42

Below is a photo of Willshire High School’s Junior class, taken during the 1941-42 school year. My dad, Herb Miller, was a member of that class and you can see that he labeled this class photo.

Willshire High School Class of 1947

Today, more class photos of the Willshire High School Class of 1947. These class photos are from their high school years, 1943-1947. The class was larger during their early high school years, but twelve graduated in 1947. My mom, Florence (Schumm) Miller was a member of that Willshire High School graduating class of 1947. I do appreciate that she labeled these photos.

1947 Willshire High School Senior Class Play

I don’t often think of my parents as school students, but they were at one time. And I see that my mom participated in some school activities.

Willshire Bearcats Basketball, 1955 & 1956

People in this area still remember and talk about Willshire’s basketball teams in the mid-50s. I am sure some of you remember those teams and those seasons very well. You may have even been there to participate and experience the excitement. Last week I wrote about the Willshire Bearcat basketball team’s successful 1939-40 season, which …

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1940—Willshire High School Excels in Basketball and Academics

Willshire High School was known for its successful basketball teams. They even traveled to state tournaments several times. And the students were smart, too! The following is an article about the celebration banquet held for the members of the Willshire Bearcats basketball team who played at the state basketball tournament in Columbus, Ohio, on 15 …

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