Zion Chatt’s Quartet

Here is a photo of a very handsome group, known years ago as Zion’s Quartet.

Zion Chatt’s Quartet, Howard Caffee, Stubby Bollenbacher, Rev. Carl Yahl, Paul McGough, and Pauline (McGough) DeArmond. (c1931-1942)

In the photo, left to right are Howard Caffee, Stubby Bollenbacher, Rev. Carl Yahl, Paul McGough, and Paul’s twin sister Pauline (McGough) DeArmond. Pauline was the pianist for the quartet. Rev. Yahl was Zion Chatt’s minister from 1931-1942, so the photo was taken some time during those years.

I never heard the quartet because they were before my time, but Pauline was also Zion’s organist for many years and I remember when she played for services every Sunday. Pauline married Dale DeArmond and their daughter Mary Jane was a very accomplished pianist.

Twins Paul and Pauline McGough.

Rev. Yahl could also play the organ and played a number on Zion’s Page pipe organ when it was dedicated back in the 1930s. People say that Howard Caffee had a nice voice and played at least one musical instrument. I have heard of Stubby Bollenbacher, which was more than likely his nickname, but I do not know his given name. I am sure someone does and can fill in that information.

In addition to the nice photo of the group I notice several other things in the background.

The old wooden doors and the stained glass above doors are no longer there. They have been replaced by glass doors and matching window, but I remember these wooden doors that were painted white.

In front of the overgrown shrubs is an old well pump. Later, when I was a child, the pump was replaced with a drinking fountain.

What I nice photo! I wish there was a recording of Zion’s Quartet so I could hear them sing today.


    • Linda Hole on September 15, 2018 at 9:28 pm
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    Karen, I think Stubby’s given name was Ralph. I did a quick search on findagrave.com and he’s buried at MRE cemetery in Berne. I was watching TV and it just popped in my head. I thought I’d better send you a quick notell while I was thinking about it.

    1. I think you are right. Now that you mention it, that name does sound familiar. Thank you so much!

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