Willshire, 1904

Today, more items from the 5 May 1904 edition of the Willshire Herald that my great-grandfather Louis J. Schumm saved.

Willshire was a thriving village in 1904, with quite a few businesses and many services offered, according to this 1904 Willshire Herald.

I have also been looking at Willshire in the 1900 census and it should come as no surprise to see that many of the people who advertised in this paper were also enumerated in the 1900 census. It is interesting to see their names, enumerated with their families, with some information about them.

Below is more about Willshire and some of its residents, from the 4 May 1904 edition of the Willshire Herald :

Evidently having a 100+ year-old newspaper was news back in 1904, too:

An Old Newspaper
Chas. Winans, the village photographer, left a copy of the Ulster County Gazette at this office last Wednesday for our inspection and perusal. It was published at Kingston, N.Y., in January 1800, and consequently is 104 years old. The paper is peculiar in its make-up and typographically it looks every bit as old as it is. The advertisements are odd in phraseology and not very artistic in construction. As an historical relic it is valuable and interesting, and Mr. Winans has had it placed in a frame, the better to preserve and protect it.

1904 Willshire Herald

As the above article mentioned, Charles Winans was the photographer in Willshire:

Winans Photography, 1904 Willshire Herald.

The advertisement below caught my attention. I had no idea what a Tonsorial Artist was until I looked it up and learned that it means related to barbering. Detter was a barber:

F.A. Detter, Tonsorial Artist.
Vance Building, West side State St.

1904 Willshire Herald

But another notice in the same newspaper indicates that Detter had very recently sold his business:

A Business Change
Geo. W. Rhoads has again engaged in the barber business in this town, having bought the equipment and good will of F.A. Detter. The transfer of the property was made Tuesday, too late to change the advertising card. Mr. Rhoads needs no introduction to the Willshire public.

The 1900 census indicates that George W. Rhoads, 25, was a barber in Willshire. So it appears he quit barbering for a time but started up again in 1904.

This newspaper contains some information about doctors, a veterinary, and some health incidents in the area:

Dr. C.W. Bobo. Physician and Surgeon. Office at residence on South State Street, Willshire, O., General practitioner. Calls given prompt attention. Phone 59.

1904 Willshire Herald

Dr. C.V. Connell, Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist, Decatur, Ind.
Graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College and Toronto Veterinary Dental School. Treats all Diseases of Domesticated Animals. Surgery and Dentistry a Specialty. Free examination of your Horse’s Mouth. Calls promptly attended, Day or Night.  Office: 2nd and Jackson St.

Residence S 4th St.
Telephone 102.

Dentist Coming, Maybe
Dr. A.D. Buffington, of Minster, Ohio, was in Willshire, Monday, looking over the ground with a view of locating in this village for the practice of dentistry. We don’t believe that he could select a more desirable location for his purpose, and we sincerely trust that he will make up his mind to pitch his professional and residential tent in our burg. Willshire has long needed a resident dentist and Dr. Buffington has the appearance of a man who will make a good citizen, and if he is a good dentist, he will doubtless prove a valuable acquisition to our town’s population. 

I wonder if Dr. Buffington ever came to Willshire or if Willshire ever had a dentist–a dentist for humans, not horses.

 A Painful Operation
Simeon Wells, living near Delphos, last week submitted to an operation for the removal of his right eye. Four years ago he became overheated and the eye was affected, causing him a great amount of pain, so much so that it became intolerable, and the operation was necessary. —Delphos Courant

It Might Have Been Worse
Dr. J.Q. Neptune is minus eyebrows and a few of his bangs as a result of an explosion in his office Thursday. He attempted to light a gas stove, and an accumulation of gas sent a puff of flame into his face and almost blinded him for a time. Fortunately the accident was not serious. –Decatur Journal
Dr. Neptune is a son of Mr. and Mrs. I. Neptune of this place.

D.O. Thorp, paperhanger, provided a service:

Now is the time to see D.O. Thorp
If you wish Painting and Paperhanging done. He has Sample Book to show the different styles and prices. From 8 cents to One Dollar a bolt. Will show samples free of charge. All work to be done in first-class style. See me before contracting. Thanks for past patronage, I ask for continuance of same.
Phone No. 80.
D.O. Thorp, Willshire, Ohio

According to the 1900 census, Dan O. Thorp, 68, widower, was a painter in Willshire.

Interesting that W.W. Parks Pharmacy, offered wall paper from 3 cents a single roll, “up to any old price.”

1904 Willshire Herald

The 1900 census shows that William W. Parks, 37, was a druggist in Willshire.



    • Deb Reichard on March 8, 2019 at 8:52 am
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    Interesting as usual Karen! I have a photo of my Grandmother, Pearl McClish Stetler Friedly Bargahiser in a frame hanging in my home. She is about 4 or 5 years old. She was adopted by the Stetler family and resided in Willshire at that time. I wonder if Mr. Winans took the photo? Would love to know but don’t want to take the picture apart to find out! Thanks for sharing all this fun information regarding Willshire.

    1. He could be the photographer. Those old cabinet photos usually have the photographer’s name embossed on the heavy border. On another note, I saw the 1843 will of Jacob Bollenbacher, from Van Wert County, and he appointed Henry Reichard as his executor! How interesting is that! I will have to post it sometime. Thanks for writing!

    • Deb Reichard on March 15, 2019 at 9:19 am
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    I wonder what Jacob Bollenbacher that was. My Jacob Bollenbacher family did not come to America until 1852. I will have to tell Tom about that tidbit! Yes, would like to see it.

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