Rev. George M. Schumm and a Quilt

I was going through some Schumm items the other day and I noticed this photo. It is a very nice photo of Rev. George Martin Schumm (1841-1917), but what caught my eye was the quilt hanging in the background. What a nice looking quilt! I wonder who made it and what colors of fabric were used for it. Rev. Schumm did not live in this area in his later years so the photo may not have been taken locally.

Rev. George M. Schumm

Rev. George Martin Schumm was the son of George Martin and Maria Anna (Pflueger) Schumm and was one of several Schumms who was called to the ministry.

Rev. George Martin Schumm

Pastor Schumm married Amalia Justine Markworth in 1867. She passed away in 1874 and he married Charlotte Breuninger in 1875. Charlotte was a sister to my great-grandmother Sarah (Breuninger) Schumm. Rev. Schumm passed away in North Dakota but is buried in Lafayette, Indiana.

Below is another nice photo that includes Rev. George Martin Schumm and three other Schumms: H.G. Schumm, Rev. George Martin Schumm, Louis M. Schumm, and J.F. Schumm. This photo was taken at the dedication of Zion’s new brick church in 1915. It was taken from the Schumm homestead west of the church. In the background, which would be looking east, you can see the old frame church and the new brick church. The frame church was on the east side of Schumm Road.

Dedication of Zion Lutheran Church, Schumm, 1915. H.G. Schumm, Rev. George M. Schumm, Louis M. Schumm, J.F. Schumm.

Certainly a group of distinguished-looking gentlemen.

But, back to what caught my eye in the first place, the quilt in the background of the first photo. It looks to be a dark-colored quilt. The Amish and Mennonites sometimes make dark quilts and they are some of my favorites. Rev. Schumm lived in Indiana for some time and who knows, it may have been an Amish quilt.

This is the antique quilt I have on my old iron bed for the Christmas holidays. It came from Indiana and has a real Christmas feeling.

Tree of Life quilt.

The pattern is call the Tree of Life. How fitting for Christmas!


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    • DORIS on December 21, 2018 at 10:31 am
    • Reply

    Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for the time it takes you to write this blog. I love reading about the history of the area.

    1. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you, too!

    • Linda Roehm on December 21, 2018 at 11:57 am
    • Reply

    I always enjoy your pictures and posts here. Your knowledge of the Schumm family history is always interesting. I also enjoyed your presentation, this past Tuesday night, at the Zion Ladies Aid Christmas Dinner. Also enjoyed all the old pieces you shared as well!! Very interesting indeed!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you!

    • David Schumm on January 22, 2020 at 7:35 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for creating this site. It’s a wonderful way for me to learn more about my family!

    Thank again,
    Dave Schumm

    1. So glad to hear you find the information informative and interesting. I enjoy doing and sharing the research. Thanks for writing.

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