Some Photos from Velma Schumm’s Collection

Today, some old Schumm picture postcards from the Velma Schumm collection. Velma was always very good about labeling and identifying the people in her photos, so it is always a joy to look at them.

A review of Velma’s family, who she identified on most of these postcards: Velma’s dad was Philip Schumm (1882-1968) and her mother was Leona Barbara (Schumm) (1877-1958). Her Uncle Amos Schumm (1891-1974) was Velma’s mother’s half-brother, the son of Friedrich Schumm Jr. and his second wife Maria (Buechner). Velma’s Uncle Charlie Schumm (1875-1954) was her father’s brother. Her Uncle Charlie was married to Jeanetta “Jennie” Bury (1875-1916) and their children were Donna (1900-1950) and Charles (1914-2001).

Velma wrote on the first postcard: Uncle Charlie’s tenant’s house. Ben Handwerk had lived there. Dad and Uncle Amos on right, Charles in front.

Philip, Amos, Charles Schumm, on the right.

The next postcard is a photo of an old car and Velma identified the people as Henry and Lydia Schinnerer and George M. Schumm. I am not sure of the order, but Henry Schinnerer may be on the left.

Henry & Lydia Schinnerer, George M. Schumm.

There is no caption on this postcard, but in this day and age in this area, it looks like Amish buggies parked in the barnyard while their owners have their church service. This may have been at the Charles Schumm residence on what is now route 33. I believe it looks like their barn.

Velma Schumm postcard.

This photo was taken in front of the Brumback Library in Van Wert and shows Charles Schumm and his daughter Donna:

Charles Schumm ad his daughter Donna.

Another photo taken in front of the Brumback Library, shows Velma’s Uncle Charlie, his wife Jeanetta, and their children Donna and Charles. I also have a copy of this postcard and wrote a blog post about it some time back.

Charles Schumm, wife Jeanetta, children Donna and Charles.

Another unidentified photo. This farmer may or may not be a Schumm.

Unidentified photo.

The last postcard is a view of a train wreck that occurred 1 mile south of Rockford on 23 February at 11 p.m. Unfortunately, no year was written on the postcard. I am not sure exactly when or where this would have occurred.

Train wreck 1 mile south of Rockford, Ohio, 23 Feb, 11 p.m., year unknown.

Thanks to Norm and Mike “Spank” at the Shane’s Crossing Historical Society/Rockford Museum for allowing me to scan these postcards. Velma was a devoted member of the Shane’s Crossing Historical Society and donated quite a few items to them, which are on display there. It is a very nice museum, loaded with lots of local historical items and worth the trip to visit.

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