Tombstone Tuesday–Elisabeth (Ehrenmann) Schumm

Elisabeth (Ehrenmann) Schumm, Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Van Wert County, Ohio.

This is the tombstone of Elisabeth Schumm, located in row 6 of Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Schumm, Van Wert County, Ohio.  The tombstone is inscribed Hier Ruhet Elisabeth, Ehefrau von Martin Schumm, Gest. Den 28 Jan 1893, Alter 32j, 11m, 28t. Translation: Here Rests Elisabeth, wife of Martin Schumm, Died 28 Jan 1893, Age 32 years, 11 months, 28 days. Schumm is inscribed in large letters at the base of the tombstone. I like this lectern-style marker. The closed book represents the Book of Life. The book is closed–life has ended.

I do not have much information about Elisabeth Schumm, only the information from her tombstone and the church records of Zion Lutheran, Schumm. According to the church records Elisabeth “Lizzie” Ehrmann married Martin Schumm on 12 October 1882 at the home of the groom’s brother. Martin belonged to Zion’s parish and Elisabeth was from Fort Wayne, Indiana. (source: records of Zion Lutheran, Schumm, Book III:202)

According to Elisabeth’s death and burial record at Zion she was born 31 January 1860 and died during childbirth the morning of 28 January 1893. The church record states that she was age 33 years minus 3 days. She was buried on 31 January in the parish cemetery. She was buried on her birthday. Her burial text was Isaiah 28:29. (source: records of Zion Lutheran, Schumm, Book III:237)

Martin and Elisabeth had three known children:

Arthur Heinrich Ferdinand Schumm, born 19 July 1883, baptized 29 July 1883 at Zion, Schumm. His sponsors at baptism were Heinrich Roehm, Heinrich Schumm II and Ferdinand Schumm.  (source: records of Zion Lutheran, Schumm, Book III:53) He married Daisy Webster.

Esther Velma Schumm, born 4 August 1885, baptized 23 August 1885. Her sponsors at baptism were Mrs. Wilhemine Schumm and Mrs. Wilhelmine Seemeyer.   (source: records of Zion Lutheran, Schumm, Book III:54) She married John Schnackenberg.

Herbert Georg Wilhelm Schumm, born 29 January 1888, baptized 12 February 1888. His baptismal sponsors were Carl Neubrecht, Georg Roehm and Wilhelm Schumm.  (source: records of Zion Lutheran, Schumm, Book III:57) He married Anna Buesener.

There is no mention in the church records of the birth, baptism or death of the child born in 1893 when Elisabeth died. Perhaps the child was stillborn.

Although I do not know who Elisabeth Ehrmann’s parents were, there were other Ehrmanns/Ehrenmanns mentioned Zion’s church records. They may have been relatives. Others mentioned in the records with that surname:

Mrs. Ehrenmann died 21 March 1851, age 45 years. (Zion, Schumm, Book I:102)

Mrs. Ehrenmann died 17 September 1853, age 43 years. (Zion, Schumm, Book I:84)

Adam Ehrenmann married widow B. Albrecht in 1853. (Zion, Schumm, Book I:72)

Adam Ehrenmann died three months later, age 53. This may have been the same person. (Zion, Schumm, Book I:84)

Christian Ehrmann married Margaretha Bienz in 1854. (Zion, Schumm, Book I:72)

Fred Schumm III was married to Margaretha Ehremann.

Elisabeth’s husband, Jacob “Martin” Schumm, was the son George Martin and Maria (Pflueger) Schumm. His father was one of the Schumms who immigrated to America in 1833. I am not related by blood to Elisabeth (Ehrenmann) Schumm but her husband was my first cousin three times removed.








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    The Carl Neubrecht, listed as godfather, is my great uncle Karl Heinrich Neubrecht, who was married to Mary Barbara Roehm. Their son Wilhelm Andreas Neubrecht is buried
    in the Zion Cemetery at Schumm. I will share information back to Germany.

    John Newbright

    1. Nice to hear from you and thanks for sharing! The family connection is interesting.

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