Schlemmer School–Public School District 7, Monroe Twp, Allen Co, Indiana

About a year ago I wrote about my Grandma Schumm’s 1900 and 1902 school souvenir books from the one-room school she attended– Schlemmer School, District 7 Public School, Monroe Township, Allen County, Indiana. [1]

Thanks to Kristy K for providing me with a photo of Schlemmer School. Kristy is the great-granddaughter of Peter Shie, who went to Schlemmer School with my grandma all those years ago. Kristy said that she grew near Schlemmer School and that it was torn down a few years ago.

Public School District 7, Monroe Township, Allen Co, IN, aka Schlemmer School. (submitted photo)

District 7 Public School, also known as Schlemmer School, was located at the corner of Lortie and Hoagland roads. The above newspaper caption indicates that the school was built in 1882.

Kristy said this photo came from a local newspaper some time ago, possibly The Monroeville News or The Daily Democrat from Decatur. Note that the school was still standing when the photo was published.

My grandmother Hilda (Scaer) Schumm was born near Monroeville in Allen County, Indiana, likely within a mile of Schlemmer School. Below is a photo of the house where she was born in 1895. The photo was probably taken about 20 years ago and unfortunately I do not know exactly where this house is located or if it is still standing. Maybe some of my Indiana cousins know its location.

Once the John Scaer Home, Allen County, Indiana.

Once the John Scaer home, Allen County, Indiana.

My grandma’s family moved from the Monroeville area to east of Willshire, Ohio, in about 1903.

Thank you so much for sharing this photo, Kristy! It is wonderful to see a photo of the elementary school my grandmother attended at the turn of the century.


[1] 1900 & 1902 Souvenir Books, District 7 Public School, Monroe Twp, Allen Co, Indiana , Karen’s Chatt, 11 Mar 2016.

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