Photos from the “Germann Collection”

Here are a few more photos from what I like to refer to as “The Germann Collection,” a group of old photos that belonged to Edna and Viola Germann.

Edna (1896-1997), Viola (1900-2001), and their brother Wilbert (1905-1972) were the children of Stephen E. and Rosina (Schumm) Germann.

Their father Stephen was the son of Henry and Mary (Hertz) Germann and their mother Rosina was the daughter of Jacob Frederick and Maria (Germann) Schumm.

From time to time I have posted some photos from the Germann Collection and below are some more, photos from Edna and Viola’s childhood.

Edna and Viola Germann:

Edna & Viola Germann

Edna and Viola’s aunt Louise Schumm (their mother’s sister) married Henry Friedrich Schinnerer. Henry Friedrich and Louise (Schumm) Schinnerer had children William (1893-1963), Lydia (1897-1985), and Fred, and two other children who died in infancy.

Edna and Viola with their first cousins William and Lydia Schinnerer:

Edna & Viola Germann with 1st cousins William and Lydia Schinnerer

Edna & Viola Germann with 1st cousins William and Lydia Schinnerer

Edna, Viola, and their brother Wilbert Germann:

Edna, Viola, & Wilbert Germann

Edna, Viola, Wilbert Germann, and Fred Schumm:

Edna, Viola & Wilbert Germann; Fred Schumm

I believe the small boy in the above photo is Joseph Fredrick “Fred” Schumm, the son of Charles “CJ” and Jeanetta Ann (Bury) Schumm. Jeanetta was accidentally electrocuted a little less than 2 months after their son Fred’s birth. It appears that Fred went to live with the Stephen Germann family after her death. Fred was enumerated with the Germanns in the 1920 and 1930 censuses, shown as their nephew. Charles “CJ” Schumm was a brother to Edna and Viola’s mother Rosina, so Fred would have been Edna and Viola’s first cousin.

Thank you to Edna and Viola for labeling so many of your photos!

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