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A Visit to Harmony, PA

A couple weeks ago we traveled to Harmony, Pennsylvania, where we stayed a couple days with my cousin Linda and had the chance to visit my Aunt Ruth, who turns 100 next month. Harmony is located in Butler County, about ½ hour north of Pittsburgh.

Tombstone Tuesday–Johannes Rapp

This is the sole tombstone in the Harmonist Cemetery, located in the town of Harmony, Butler County, Pennsylvania. The marker is inscribed, as translated:

Here lies and rests the body of
Johannes Rapp
Born 19 Dec 1783
Died 27 July 1812

The clay on potter’s wheel
awaits that dissolution reveals
the precious salt of new,
joyously resurrected life.

At first glance you would not recognize this area is a burial ground, the final resting place for nearly 100 people. The Harmonist Cemetery looks like a flat grassy area, enclosed by an old limestone wall. The enclosed area is roughly 80 x 140 feet.